Leg Up Studio
Leg Up Studio was founded in 2011 by Edie Overturf, Lauren Schuppe and Gilpin Matthews. Since Fall 2015 LegUp Studio is being run by the membership, and they bring you a community printshop that has facilities to house artists practicing in Intaglio, photo Lithography, Woodcut/Relief, Letterpress, Poster/ T-shirt Screenprinting. Classes, Membership, and Day-rates available.

Our mission is to provide the Minneapolis Artist community with a facility where they can print and further their printmaking education at an affordable rate and in a comfortable, accessible, and community-based, atmosphere. Our facilities are located at 681 17th Ave NE, Suite 119, Minneapolis MN.

Shop hours:
By appointment only
Call us if you'd like to schedule a tour of the shop: 952.451.2427 or 507.403.9324